Aliens Are Real

My name is Henry. Im 18 and I loove the internet. I spend most of my time reading. Idk what I'm doing with my life. I say a lot of dumb things.

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There is a town in Indiana named Santa Claus.

Crying alleviates stress and allows humans to decrease feelings of anger and sadness.

Google hires goats to ‘mow’ the grass at its California HQ.

Elephants are terrified of Bees and actually have a special, distinct vocalization for “Run away…


A muggleborn and pureblood couple having their first child and the pureblood not knowing about ultrasounds so they don’t understand why their partner is dragging them to a muggle doctor until they get there and suddenly they see a physical picture of their newborn child and hear it’s little heartbeat and it’s better than any magic they’ve ever seen.

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